Trying to use My Domain Name.

Yesterday I bought my domain name and I played around with domain forwarding quite successfully. Sadly, I have not been so successful with using setting the domain as my custom domain on GitHub. While I’ve gotten the basics working I am struggling a bit with HTTPS and mixed content. I am hoping that I just need to be patient and let the process happen with GitHub and LetsEncrpyt sorting it all out in the background as per the message below. GitHub HTTPS image

My prodding and poking has come to nothing but I also haven’t waited a full 24 hours without poking and prodding it.

Not Secure image

I was also looking at the Themes for Jekyll, there is an option to add one on the GitHub pages setting page but it is not working.

I think I should leave it to one change a time for now as I get to know the system and what is possible.

For example the structure of the pages is familiar to what I learned when playing around with the MVC pages in Django: Index.html image

What we get is a page dynamically created page by looping over each “post” in “site.posts”, it’s a simple loop where a new link to “post.url” and “post.title” is created along with a “post.excerpt”. Django had a CLI that let you get in and explore the properties of its objects, I bet this does too. Yet I love that I don’t have to.

For me it means if I need to get in and make changes down the road it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

Oh and I was able to enable the comments below with 5 min of effort. I signed up to “” with my Google account and created a new site. i didn’t need to follow of the “add Disqus to your site” steps because the Jeykll framework takes care of that for you. I just added the short name to my _config.yml as seen below, that was it. What an age we live in.

Disqus Config image

Written on September 11, 2018
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