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I’m going back back to Azure Azure! We had the first class in the Continuous Software Delivery module last night and it was both thrilling and terrifying. I’m going to have to write come C# code, but it is not the focus of the course just a part of it.

We will also be deploying to Azure, I was really expecting AWS after it was mentioned so frequently last semester but maybe this is how they balance it all out and avoid bias. Plus, it is very clear that Microsoft put a lot of money and effort into support students. It is one great perk of having returned to academia in my thirties that I qualify for a student discount. Check out Azure DevOps to see what it is all about.

The class will focus on the processes and techniques that enable successful DevOps such as:

  • 12 Factor App design
  • Version control
  • Trunk based development
  • Build automation
  • Deploy Automation
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, DevOps Azure)
  • Automated testing in the pipeline on commits
  • Blue/green deployment capabilities
  • Software quality
  • Telemetry

I am quite familiar with these topics and am looking forward to see where the lecturer takes the course.

On the practical side we will be getting hands on implementing the deploy automation and the test automation and the world is my oyster. I can see myself spending hours on the course assignment this term and loving every minute of it.

What is great is how this ties so well with what was presented on Monday night by Dr Forsgren.

DORA State of DevOps image

Take a look for yourself at the DORA-State of DevOps report for 2018, these are the Technical Practices called out in the predictive model page 60. Mastering these practices is predictive of better Software Development and Operational performance.

What more can you ask for? It’s science!

Written on September 21, 2018
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