Monkey Bars Complete

Finally I took the time to do a post on the completed monkey bar project. I am very happy with how it worked out. I learned a lot and got to use other skills that I don’t usually get to in my day job. Monkey bars 1

Monkey Bars image Compared to the orignal design I think I nailed it. I didn’t do the ladder of bars up between the pillars yet, I need to find a good way to accomplish it. So instead I tied them together with the step. The hammock was a great surprise pay off.

Monkey bars 2 There was a bit in this for me, on the far end is a pull up bar where my feet don’t touch the ground. I am able to hang freely and I’m working on my pull ups. Note that the kids also get to use the bands as a bungee swing - it looks like great fun.

Thanks for reading. Conor

Written on June 7, 2021
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