Jeykll Templates Look Awesome

I have been playing with themes for this blog and there are a few cool ones I’d like to try out. One project by Phlow looks great feeling-responsive you can see the demo site.

I’d hoped it was going to be as easy as pulling it down from the repo and applying it to this blog, but I’ve run into build issue for Jeykll, there was a mis-match in the versions of different plug ins. This is all part of my learning how to run this blog so options are:

  • to keep trying to fit it into this blog and option
  • to start from the fresh new template and to redo all the config and setup in that blog.

I think as per my experience with the domain name configuration, it might be best to tear it down and start again within the fresh template. We all know we should not hang on to “Pets” any more, we have got to shoot the cattle if it is not working out.

I guess that means I should probably write a script to port over all the configurations that I need into the new template – heck there’s a Friday night project that I could share out on Git. The more I read the documentation for feeling-responsive the more I like the idea of moving to that these. I understand code, programming and hosting but I’ve never gone much farther than introduction courses or demo sites or as Jude puts it “babies first steps” with any projects. I spend a bit of time with the Django framework tying to combine web

Written on September 14, 2018
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