Hey Google Turn On Christmas

“Turning on the Christmas” I love it still enjoy spotting the gap in Google assistant AI not really knowing what’s going on even if it does exactly as it was asked. My battery for my IR wall socket remote control died, luckily I have a few SONOFF wifi switches laying around so I decided to upgrade my remote control of the Christmas lights! see a demo here on YouTube

It worked straight out of the box, needed to sign up for a dodgy app cloud account but once connected I could pair it with my Google Home and I can remove the app from phone. It is one of those I’m closed but not really closed apps. Most of the home automation community recommend flashing the sonoff’s with a firmware that doesn’t link back to the cloud at all. This is something I’m certainly going to investigate. I believe I need to buy some hardware to connect in properly to flash it. Fun stuff, certainly worth it if I plan on installing the rest of these switches in the house. I spent some time this year investigating the best way to segment my wireless network in the house.

Ideally, I want one network for these less than secure IoT devices and one for phones and computing. I think there is a second band available and I need to put the effort into moving these less than secure devices off my home network.

Written on December 13, 2018
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