CSR Sleep Out - Focus Ireland

Sleep Out for Focus Ireland ImageFriday night I slept out with Focus Ireland and their Shine a Light campaign. It was quite the eye opener and something I will never forget. I am delighted to have exceeded my goal of 500 euro with a final count of 660, I am over the moon.

Thank you so much everyone who donated. My participation this year with the charity committee has really opened my eyes to how generous people are. There was something different this year, Focus Ireland and in particular homelessness, hit a real cord with people. Our company raised more with this one event than any other single event to date as far as I know. Being Homeless strikes deep into the hearts of people, when you think about what it really means to be homeless it is terrifying. I got wet overnight, but never had to worry that I would stay wet for hours, I knew I was going home where I could shower and change. My Bed for the Sleep Out Image Where We Made Camp Image My Bed After the Rain Image

What we did was in no way comparable to being homeless, it was barely a glimpse into what it must be like. I am just glad that we raised as much money as we did for the good cause and that my slight discomfort for one night may make a difference.

Again thank you so much for your support.

Written on October 13, 2018
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