Back To College

Tonight, I started back in College for semester 3 of 4. A much shorter break this time around than between semester 1 and 2. The modules look very interesting and I totally called that since last semester it was Azure that this semester would be AWS (I mean they are the main players). We have Enterprise Architecture Design and Enterprise Architecture Deployment, both AWS focused and both very promising.

Enterprise Architecture Design looks to be 100% Continuous Assessment which is great, I do not think exams make much sense for a master course. We jumped right in to it with a lab in which we deployed a VM to AWS and then wrote a Bash script to retrieve the instance metadata. We pushed that script up to git and as far as I can tell we’re off to a great start. I hope my existing knowledge of AWS stands to me in these modules, but to double down and multitask, I think it would be awesome to study for the Solutions Architect Professional exam at the same time. I mean this will be a semester of hands on time with AWS so why not go deep and come out with a certification too.

I am concerned that trying to do too much at once will dilute my efforts, but I just feel this is within reach so why not. I knocked out the Associate level exam with just two weeks focused study and I’ve already purchased the WhizLabs practice exams for the Professional exams it all just makes sense to go for it now. This might slow down my progress on the C# Microsoft exam but this is why I need to plan and re-plan this years objectives. That’s all for tonight, it is nice being back in College as it means the end is in sight - I still have no idea what I’ll do for my thesis. That’s a problem for another day.

Thanks for reading.

Written on January 24, 2019
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