AWS Solutions Architect - Professional Prep

Last night i got back into my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional prep with the Whizlab practice exams.

Finally finished the first set of questions and it was tough going. Scored 60% which isn’t bad for a first pass, the exam is certainly within reach and I hope to get it before the end of this year.

It will take me a long time now to go back over all the questions to review each one and figure out how I did, but that’s where I’ll learn what I know and what I don’t. Also I will be learning about what content is being tested, I will review both my correct and my incorrect answers. Later in my preparation I will only need to review the incorrect answers and the whole process gets much faster. For example before taking the Associate exam I was able to get through a test exam of 65 question in 30-45 minutes. That is when you know you are ready for the exam, sure it is memorisation of the questions but it is also understanding what is being asked by each questions type.

When I took the Associate exam I still found it tough, the question do not match the practice tests. They are similar in form but not content. I tracked each questions to gauge how I was doing, by the end I figured I had 65% correct, and the rest were 50-50. On any day 50-50 for the rest should get me enough to pass so that was that I clicked “Finish” - phew!

Written on September 20, 2018
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