AWS Solutions Architect - Professional Prep - Instance Types

Back at my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional prep reviewing the Whizlab practice exams.

I am still reviewing my first completed AWS practice exam. It had been so long since my last attempt that I forgot what Question i have reviewed up til. So I started over again. It is revision so it won’t hurt.

I took some time to look at the EC2 instance types. There are five categories and I want at least a passing familarity with each family should there be a questions about suitable instance types on the exam.

  • General Purpose = T and M
    • Burstable
    • Unlimited or Predictable
    • Nitro - offload Netowrk and Storage to hardware
  • Compute Optimized = C
    • HPC
    • Compute Optimised
    • Burstable
    • Cluster Networking
    • MMO Games
    • Video Encoding
  • Memory Optimized Z, X and R
    • Up to 768GB Mem
    • Web scale Mem cache
    • High perf DB’s
    • In Memory DB.
  • Accelerated Computing P, G and F
    • General Purpose GPU
    • Machine learning
    • HPC
    • Finance
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Speach Recognition
    • G = Graphics Optimized
    • F = FPGA’s
  • Storage Optimized H. I and D
    • H 16TB high through put.
    • I High Random I/O
    • D for Disk 48TB

That a quick run through of the different types. I’ve not seen any questions yet on the different types but this can’t hurt to understand.

Written on October 3, 2018
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