50 Posts!

I just did a count and I’ve done 50 posts already, this makes 51. I know I have barely scratched the surface of the topics I want to cover so it is great to think that I’m nowhere near done with blogging. I am sitting down to write Day 2 of the Azure pipeline project and once that is done I will sprinkle back in some AWS study. College has kicked off and it will be AWS focused so what a great to double down and get the certified. Disappointingly I have not done nearly as much Smart Home work as I’d hoped, I’ve a post in me to complain about the cheap wifi bulbs I got from AliExpress, all of which burned out within 3-6 months, ugh. That said I’m sitting in a room with two bulbs from other brands that are still working away. I should really contribute back my experience with smart bulbs, but it isn’t a priority and I need to focus on my priorities to get the most done.

Anyway I want to spend this time on a pipelines post, so I’ll wrap up here.

Thanks for reading. Conor

Written on January 28, 2019
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